Mar 042011

Two spirited American Indians have the spirit of both genders.

They are honored and Holy.

Gay marriage is American History; American Indian History!

There was an age in America, before the colonial era, when gay people were respected, honored and at times even feared because of their spiritual powers. They were known by various names, such as nadleehe, lhamana and other words often translated as Two Spirits.

These Two Spirits not only married people of the same gender: they also fulfilled very important roles in religion and ceremony.

The Two Spirit traditions were not about ‘tolerance’. Tolerance means accepting things that we dislike. This was about helping people find their path, their true self and their place where they can share their gifts with their tribe and with their world.

The above is just a short excerpt from the description on a you tube video honoring Two Spirit people. Click here – don’t forget to click the ‘show more’ (on youtube) so you can read the entire page long description.